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2carat Bezel Moissanite Female Necklace

2carat Bezel Moissanite Female Necklace

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Introducing our 925 Sterling Silver Moissanite bezel Necklace, a masterpiece that redefines luxury.

Precisely crafted, this necklace is a perfect combination of 925 sterling silver and 2carat real moissanite. Known for its brilliance and fire, our moissanite goes beyond conventional diamond simulants with its captivating D color and VVS1 clarity.
The 6.5mm,8mm diameter pendant, elegantly suspended on a 45cm chain, captures the essence of minimalist sophistication. Our necklace stands out for its timeless beauty: it does not change color, is hypoallergenic and meets the discerning tastes of modern connoisseurs.

With a Certificate of Authenticity accompanying your purchase, you can ensure the authenticity of this exquisite piece.
Elevate your style and experience true luxury with our moissanite necklace, where authenticity meets artistry.

Material: 925 sterling silver plated pt950 +real Moissanite
Shape and cut style: Round brilliant cut.
Clarity class: VVS1
Color: D color
Enable GRA certification: Yes
Pass Diamond Test: Yes
Cut Rating: Excellent
2 carat moissanite size:8mm
Chain length 45cm


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