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Silver Moissanite Eternity Band Multi-Stone Rings

Silver Moissanite Eternity Band Multi-Stone Rings

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● Moissanite, a gemstone born from the stars, is a stunning and ethical alternative to traditional diamonds. Originally discovered in a meteorite, this silicon carbide crystal possesses exceptional brilliance, fire, and durability. Renowned for its hardness and optical properties, moissanite stands as a brilliant option for those seeking a more affordable yet equally beautiful gemstone.


 Inlay technology : Prong Setting
Material Type : 925 Sterling Silver
Diamond shape : Round Brilliant Cut
Main Stone : 3mm/0.1ct x7 Moissanite Diamond
Color : D color
Clarity : VVS1
Certificcate : GAR
Occasion : Anniversary, Engagement, Gift for Girlfriend , Wedding, Party
Plating : Rhodium
Finish : High Polished
Size of Moissanite : 3mm/0.1ct

Environmental Standard : Nickel Free Lead Free Hypoallergenic.

● Rhodium plating on sterling silver is a premium finishing technique that enhances both the aesthetic and durability of the jewelry. This process involves coating sterling silver with a thin layer of rhodium, a precious metal. Rhodium not only provides a brilliant, mirror-like shine to the silver but also creates a protective barrier, reducing tarnishing and scratches. The result is a lustrous and resilient surface that adds a touch of elegance to your jewelry, ensuring it maintains its beauty for an extended period.Rhodium is a rare and precious element that can be 4 to 5 times more expensive than gold.
Because rhodium plating is hypoallergenic, you won’t get skin reactions by wearing rhodium plated jewelry. This is because rhodium does not contain any allergens such as nickel. In fact if you have a piece of jewelry that is causing you skin reactions, rhodium plating the piece can eliminate this problem.

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Nikko Muller

Amazing super fast shipping

Vivian McDermott

טבעת יפה, מנצנצת, אך הגיע בלי חותמת. אבל ממליצה

Darius Orn

lovely sparkly ring. 8 day delivery. guarantee and polishing cloth included. very well wrapped (protected). very very happy.

Xzavier Kreiger

Perfect! Just beautiful and perfect!

Brooke Harvey

Дякую! Все супер. Розмір як раз. Блищить нереально. Всі документи і сертифікати.